The OEM ESCs for AMAT Mark2-, MxP- and MxP+-chambers, as well as Centura chambers DPS for poly or metal etch and for tungsten backetch are polyimide ESCs. CE-MAT provides ceramic ESCs to substitude all these types of polyimide ESCs to increase the chamber performance. In addition to the material change of the functional surface the contact area of the tungsten backetch ESC is improved by CE-MAT, too. Whether the OEM backside contact is a multipiece assembly with high risk for electrical breakdown, the CE-MAT solution is a one-piece-construction with better electrical properties.

AMAT ESCs – Polyimide – P5000 / MarkII, MxP, MxP+

8″ 0010-10327, 0010-10528,
0040-99964, 0040-99949
0040-99997, 0040-09797
0090-35688, 0041-37391
0041-34688, 0041-11052
6″ 0010-10982, 0010-10529,
0040-99952, 0040-09942,
0040-99996, 0041-34851
4″ 0430-02271

AMAT ESCs – Polyimide – Centura 5200

8″ 0010-10202, 0040-99998
6″ 0010-10204

The OEM ESCs for AMAT DPS+ Metal Etch / Poly Etch and the ESCs for SuperE- and Emax-chambers are Johnsen Rahbeck style ESCs. An AlN plate is used as functional surface, which is glued as a ceramic puck to the body or as a part of a more piece assembly. Process induced surface changes show wafer sticking and jumping phenomena with increased chamber performance.

The CESC provided by CE-MAT is a single piece Coulombic ESC with a functional surface from high pure Alumina. This delivers many performance and reliability benefits. The CE-MAT CESC fits onto the OEM cathode. No process changes are necessary.

Amat DPS+ Metal & Poly 8″

Poly 0010-15668, 0010-93181
Metal 0010-15452

Amat DPS+ Metal & Poly 8″

8″ 0040-77771, 0040-99957,
0040-99999, 0090-35133,
0041-33300, 0020-39087
6″ 0040-35869
0040-99959, 0040-99961

AMAT Ultima chambers for HDP-CVD run with an ESC, called Lased pedestal. Arcing at the edes of the HeCo-holes in the functional surface reduce the chamber performance. The latest CESC technology provided by CE-MAT fits perfectly onto the OEM cathode. Improved design and materials combined with enhanced coating technic mean better gas distribution means better process uniformity and longer lifetime.