Lam Research machines from type Rainbow 4420, Alliance and TCP run with bipolar ESCs, so called „donut and base ESCs“. The ESCs are a kind of ceramic ESCs where the ceramic layer is the hardanodisation of the body and the implemented ring electrode.

The electrical isolation between the two electrodes is given by the anodisation of the body as one electrode and of the ring as the 2nd electrode. As an anodisation is a coating that consists pores and that might be effected by corrosive process enviroment or cleaning solvents this isolation is the weak point of these ESCs.

CE-MAT provides a version of this kind of ESCs with an enhanced coating. The anodisation is sealed with a corrosion resitant and electrically isolating layer Yttria. Yttria is one of the most thermodynamically stable layers used in the semiconductor industry.

Equivalent parts for the following ESC part numbers are available.

Flat Type : 718-094523-261, 718-092326-061, 718-094523-282

Ring Type : 718-094756-061, 718-094756-081

Notch Type : 718-094523-281, 718-092326-081

Snake Type : 718-043893-801

Oxide etching tools from Lam Research machines, e.g. type Rainbow 4520 and Excelan, run with an enhanced version of the „donut and base ESCs“. These ESCs are an assembly of an anodized body with a ceramic plate of special Alumina as the functional surface. This plate is sticked on the body and consists the electrode that is connected from the backside to the contact pin inside the body.

The gap between the ceramic plate and the anodized body is attacked by plasma during the process. Particle problems and functional problems as high Helium leakage can occur.

CE-MAT provides an Ceramic-ESC as technical solution without gap between ceramic plate and body. Corrosive plasma attack in this area is prevented by using the ESC from CE-MAT. The ESC fits perfectly to the OEM ESC according function and geometry, that there won’t be any process shift.

Equivalent parts for the following ESC part numbers are available.

Equivalent parts for the following ESC part numbers are available.

839-440462-508 / -308