SPTS-ESCs with Egde Grip

CE-MAT provides ESCs for SPTS- / Aviza-tools, type Omega, Rapier and Pegasus. OEM-ESCs of this type consist a tripod lifting system with a big cavity in the center of the ceramic surface for wafer chucking. The resulting uniformity problem in the case of temperature and gasflow leads into yield loss for wafers with sensitive products, e. g. fragile sensors. The modified ESCs provided by CE-MAT are constructed as an edge grip version. The wafers are lifted only at the outer edge and the ceramic waferlayer is completely homogen. The whole lifting system consiting the ESC and the edge grip lifting system is provided by CE-MAT. Whether the bipolar ESCs of the OEM work with ± 5.000 V clamping voltage, the ESCs of CE-MAT work with ± 1.500 V only. We’d like to consult you according the necessary process changes.

In addition CE-MAT provides an edge grip ESC running with ± 5.000 V clamping voltage. No process change is needed for the use of this ESC.

Particles on the back of the wafer or defects in 6 “ESC

Helium cooling and particles on the wafer back side or defects in 8 “ESC